A young company with a strong culture

AM-TEAM provides unique modelling services that make a significant difference for customers and gives them competitive advantage. AM-TEAM is a spin-off from the BIOMATH research group at Ghent University (www.biomath.ugent.be), which has gathered 11 years of expertise in process modelling in general and advanced process modelling in different applications. Our industrial customers have always access to the latest available advanced models and see the state of the art limits continuously being pushed in the direction of their needs. Being strategically linked to BIOMATH, AM-TEAM brings the latest model developments to practice, where they can have maximal impact.

Our core values are quality (consistently provided by using the right models in the right way for the right purpose), transparency (customers know what to expect) and AM-TEAM spirit (we collaborate and carefully listen to our customers).

Do you want to be part of our TEAM?

Wim Audenaert

Wim Audenaert, PhD, Eng
Process modelling expert - CEO

Wim has a thorough background in environmental technology and kinetic process modelling, with an emphasis on water and wastewater treatment processes. He has done projects with many different companies. Wim develops new projects together with customers and takes care of general management.

Usman Rehman

Usman Rehman, PhD, Eng
Process modelling expert - CTO

Usman has years of experience in advanced process modelling and is a leading expert in integrating process knowledge (e.g. kinetics) with single and multiphase CFD modelling.
He modelled numerous (large) industrial process installations. Usman leads the technical developments within the company. Check our publications section to download and view published material.

Ingmar Nopens

Ingmar Nopens, PhD, Eng
Scientific advisor

Ingmar is associate professor at Ghent University, where he leads the BIOMATH research team, specialised in model-based bioprocess analysis &optimisation. Ingmar is a leading expert in state-of-the-art process modelling using advanced tools. Check our publications section for published material and full description of BIOMATH.

Thomas De Beer

Thomas De Beer, PhD, Pharm.
Scientific advisor

Thomas is associate professor at Ghent University, where he leads the LPPAT research team, specialized in pharmaceutical manufacturing process development, analysis & optimization. Furthermore, Thomas and Ingmar have jointly developed a leading expertise in model-based pharmaceutical process analysis, optimization and control. Check our publication section for published material and full description of LPPAT.