AM-TEAM's approach


Smartly combining frameworks, tailored to needs

Our key strength is combining process knowledge with advanced modelling frameworks such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD). We developed this expertise throughout the years at Ghent University. The figure shows combinations we regularly use. The nature of these combinations, and their complexity, is tailored to the case. We have projects running where very simple approaches are sufficient, while other projects require more detailed models.

Improving mixing in large WWTP

CFD Activated Sludge WWTP

Improving aeration in a WWTP

CFD Activated Sludge WWTP

World's most validated WWTP CFD model

Full-scale WWTP CFD validation

Secondary settler optimisation

Secondary Settler CFD-PBM

Scale-up of a novel MBR reactor

CFD scale-up MBR

Scale-up of a novel ozonation system

CFD Scale-up ozonation

Quantifying N2O emission in WWTP

CFD N2O WWTP Activated sludge

Ion exchange optimisation

Ion Exchange CFD Optimisation

Design of a crystalliser

Crystalliser design CFD struvite

Improving mixing in a water reservoir

Drinking Water Reservoir Flow Pattern

Improving mixing in a water tower

Water tower Flow Pattern

Sensor channel optimisation

Pharma flow channel PAT sensor CFD