Activated sludge tank Effluent quality and cost optimisation

Quantifying inhomogeneous mixing

This 750,000 p.e. full-scale plant was simulated using CFD combined with biokinetics (activated sludge model). We tested different scenarios to optimise plant performance both in terms of performance and cost.

Major findings

  • Liquid and gas flow rates have vast impact on tank performance
  • The tank is not completely mixed, even aerated zones have large dead zones
  • Large variations in local oxygen en ammonia concentrations
  • Location of sensors that serve as input to controllers will be optimised (ongoing)

Improving aeration in a WWTP

CFD Activated Sludge WWTP

Secondary settler optimisation

Secondary Settler CFD-PBM

Quantifying N2O emission in WWTP

CFD N2O WWTP Activated sludge

Ion exchange optimisation

Ion Exchange CFD Optimisation

Design of a crystalliser

Crystalliser design CFD struvite

Improving mixing in a water reservoir

Drinking Water Reservoir Flow Pattern