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Downloadable documents

  • PhD thesis Dr. Usman Rehman, co-founder of AM-TEAM; Next generation bioreactor models for wastewater treatment systems by means of detailed combined modelling of mixing and biokinetics, 2016 [DOWNLOAD]
  • PhD thesis Dr. Wim Audenaert, co-founder of AM-TEAM; Modelling and experimental investigation of ozonation and AOPs [DOWNLOAD]
  • BIOMATH Ghent University, Prof. Ingmar Nopens: Overview of advanced modelling R&D [DOWNLOAD]

Water and wastewater treatment

  • NEW Chys M, Audenaert W, et al. 2018 Surrogate-Based Correlation Models in View of Real-Time Control of Ozonation of Secondary Treated Municipal Wastewater - Model Development and Dynamic Validation Environmental Science & Technology. 51:14233-14243 Email us for full text
  • NEW Chys M, Audenaert W, et al. 2018. Dynamic validation of online applied and surrogate-based models for tertiary ozonation on pilot-scale Chemosphere. 196:494-501 Email us for full text
  • NEW Arnaldos M, Rehman U, Audenaert W, Naessens W, Amerlinck Y, Nopens I. 2018. Understanding the effects of bulk mixing on the determination of the affinity index: consequences for process operation and design Water Science & Technology. 77(3):576-588 Email us for full text
  • NEW Rehman U, Audenaert W, Amerlinck Y, Maere T, Arnaldos M, Nopens I. 2018. How well-mixed is well mixed? Hydrodynamic – biokinetic model integration in an aerated tank of a full scale water resource recovery facility. Water Science & Technology. Email us for full text
  • NEW Chys M, Demeestere K, Nopens I, Audenaert W, Van Hulle S. 2018 Municipal wastewater effluent characterization and variability analysis in view of an ozone dose control strategy during tertiary treatment: The status in Belgium Science of the Total Environment. 625:1198-1207 Email us for full text
2017 and earlier
  • Nopens I, Samstag R, Wicks J, Laurent J, Rehman U, Potier O. 2017. To Mix, or Not to Mix, That Is the Question. Book chapter Frontiers in Wastewater Treatment and Modelling, pp.677-683 Email us for full text
  • De Mulder C, Rehman U, Audenaert W, Nopens I. 2017. Sensor location in WRRFs: easy change, big win. ICA Conference 2017, Québec, Canada. [FULL TEXT LINK]
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