Water and wastewater treatment

Services for the water sector

We optimise, design and scale-up water and wastewater treatment processes using very realistic computer models.
Using 'what-if scenario' testing we vary operational and design parameters.

Benefits water

Process optimisation

Treatment process optimisation

Process design

Effective design and retrofitting of treatment processes

Process scale-up

Accelerated scale-up

“We started testing AM-TEAM’s recommendations right after the project. Their modelling gave us the insights we needed, to have enough confidence in a possible positive outcome of the tests.”

Dr. Stefan Weijers, Manager policy and innovation wastewater, Waterboard De Dommel (Netherlands)

Our clients

  • Technology developers (effective process design and scale-up, giving them competitive advantage)
  • Water and wastewater utilities (design of new installations, process optimisation)
  • Consultants (effective process design, joint projects using complimentary expertise)

  • PureBlue
  • PureBlue
  • De Watergroep
  • Pidpa
  • Blue Foot
  • Brabantse Delta
  • Evides Industriewater

Drinking and process water

  • Ion exchange
  • Pellet softening
  • Flotation
  • Storage and contact tanks
  • Large storage basins
  • Disinfection
  • Oxidation and advanced oxidation
  • Membrane systems

Wastewater and resource recovery

  • Conventional activated sludge systems
  • Granular sludge systems
  • Membrane bioreactors
  • Aeration or other mass transfer systems
  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Primary and secondary settling; flotation
  • Stabilization ponds
  • Advanced oxidation and ozonation

“We used the 2-phase CFD results to improve our reactor design. It lowered costs and improved general sustainability of the process by saving brine and increasing process water yield.”

Martin Pot, senior process engineer Evides Industriewater

Improving mixing in large WWTP

CFD Activated Sludge WWTP

Improving aeration in a WWTP

CFD Activated Sludge WWTP

World's most validated WWTP CFD model

Full-scale WWTP CFD validation

Secondary settler optimisation

Secondary Settler CFD-PBM

Scale-up of a novel MBR reactor

CFD scale-up MBR

Scale-up of a novel ozonation system

CFD Scale-up ozonation

Quantifying N2O emission in WWTP

CFD N2O WWTP Activated sludge

Ion exchange optimisation

Ion Exchange CFD Optimisation

Design of a crystalliser

Crystalliser design CFD struvite

Improving mixing in a water reservoir

Drinking Water Reservoir Flow Pattern

Improving mixing in a water tower

Water tower Flow Pattern