We replace extensive trial-and-error testing by faster and more informative simulations


We run very realistic 3D reactor and system models that provide more and faster solutions to the many challenges surrounding design, scale-up and troubleshooting. We strongly reduce 'real life testing' needs while testing flexibility and process understanding increase.

Process optimisation

Process optimisation

Lower OpEx - Energy saving - Increased process performance and reliability

Your existing process becomes a very realistic computer model that can be easily changed without risk and at lower cost. We first solve the problem virtually before implementing the solution in real life, giving you the best solution at lowest effort and cost.

Ion Exchange Column
Process design

Better and innovative design

Test more designs at lower cost - Lower CapEx - Lower footprint - Confident about performance and reliability

Before investment and implementation, we can test numerous designs using a very realistic computer model. By varying operational settings and reactor configuration, we provide you with the best design.

Crystalliser design
Process scale-up

Scale-up acceleration

Optimal performance at full-scale - Save piloting cost and effort - Lower time to market

You want your process also to perform at larger scale without spending too much time and money to trial-and-error based testing. We provide a fast track for scale-up with more flexibility for testing of different designs.

Accelerated scale-up

Typically we need very limited time and information from our clients and projects can start very fast.

  • In the vast majority of the cases, already existing process and operational data is sufficient.
  • No or very limited on-site work is required.
  • Typically projects are finished within 2-6 weeks, although we also have longer term projects.
  • Clients are typically surprised by the limited information that is needed
  • We tailor our way of collaborating to the specific case and client (technology owner, technology developer, consultant).
  • Our clients are aware of the deliverables, value and total cost from the start.
  • Yes, we make the necessary confidentiality agreements
  • In most of our projects, we work closely together with the technology experts and typically meet weekly, biweekly or monthly.