Optimise, design and scale-up effectively

Activated Sludge Design
Process optimisation

Process optimisation

Lowering operational costs, improving process performance and reliability.

  • Optimal placement of sensors for better control
  • Mixing and aeration optimisation
  • Optimisation of chemical dosing
  • Process screening and troubleshooting
Ion Exchange Column
Process design

Effective reactor and system design

Fast and low-risk evaluation of different reactor designs, operational settings and equipment prior to implementation.

Activated Sludge
Process scale-up

Effective process scale-up

The scale-up of processes is often not straightforward. We use simulation to make sure the process still meets criteria at a larger scale while intensive and expensive piloting can be limited or completely replaced.

Crystalliser design

  • Step 1: Together with you, we clearly define the project objectives and possibilities
  • Step 2: Based on the objectives, we define the optimal approach and models to be used
  • Step 3: We make a plan and cost estimation for the collaboration and discuss this with you
  • Step 4: Upon agreement of the project plan, we kick off the project
  • Step 5: We regularly sit together and discuss (intermediate) results and adapt if needed
  • Step 6: We provide you with a clear summary of the results and our recommendations

The way of collaborating can differ based on the type of client (end user, technology developer, consultant). Optimisation cases for end users are often shorter term projects, while some design and scale-up cases can take the form of longer term collaborations or even partnerships. With some of our clients we make the necessary ip arrangements.

AM-TEAM uniquely combines advanced modelling (eg CFD) with process understanding which brings models very close to reality, allowing effective process operation, design and scale-up in the water, biotech and pharma fields. We give you competitive advantage.

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