The next generation pharma skills you will need in view of continuous manufacturing 11-13 Oct, 2017, Ghent, Belgium

Het Pand Ghent

5 seats left - They have registered delegates: UCB, Fette Compacting, GSK, Arlenda, US Pharmacopeial Convention, Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products, Siemens, Bayer, Baxter, GEA, PSE, Martin Warman Consultancy, AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson, Galapagos, Pharmavize, PwC, Bosch, Elscolab, Glatt, L. B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH, University College Cork, Ghent University, Free University of Brussels, University of Leuven, University of Limerick

Day 1 - Wednesday Oct 11th

Introduction to continuous manufacturing platforms and material characterisation

9.00-9.30amIntroduction to continuous manufacturing of drug products
9.00-9.30amImportance of raw material and formulation blend characterisation
  • Relevant raw material and blend properties and their characterisation techniques
  • Material property data bases: overview, predictive use and challenges
10.30-11.00amCoffee break
11.30am-12.00pmImpact of material properties on the behaviour, performance and residence time of screw feeding systems in a continuous manufacturing platform
12.00pm-1.00pmLunch break
1.00-2.00pmRaw material databases as predictive tools for the efficient processability determination of new formulations in a continuous manufacturing environment
2.00-2.45pmCase study: Design space determination of a continuous tablet manufacturing process via wet granulation through empirical process models
2.45-3.15pmCoffee break
3.15-4.30pmEmpirical versus mechanistic modelling of continuous drug product manufacturing processes. Fundamentals - their complimentarity - importance of proper data collection
4.30-5.00pmTake home of the day
6.00pmSocial event and dinner

Day 2 - Thursday Oct 12th

Modelling and simulation towards design space definition

9.00-9.45amResidence time distribution determination and modelling
9.45am-4.00pmModelling of unit operations
9.45-10.15amTwin-screw granulation: collection of high quality data for modelling
10.15-10.45amCoffee break
10.45-11.45amTwin screw granulation: model development, calibration and validation
11.45am-12.45pmCoffee break
12.45-1.45pmData collection and modelling of drying and milling in a continuous manufacturing platform
1.45-2.30pmTablet process modelling and control
2.30-3.00pmCoffee break
3.00-4.00pm Integrated continuous drug production process modelling and simulation - Flow sheet modelling - Case study
4.00-4.45pmOptimal experimental design (OED) - OED vs Design of Experiments (DoE) - OED for efficient model calibration and process optimisation for new formulations
4.45-5.30pmUncertainty analysis as essential step in the establishment of the model-based Design Space determination for continuous manufacturing processes
5.30-6.00pmTake home of the day

Day 3 - Friday Oct 13th

PAT for monitoring and control of continuous manufacturing processes

8.45-9.45amPAT for monitoring and control of continuous manufacturing processes for drug products - SPC - RTD and traceability
9.45-10.30pmImportance of data management systems for continuous manufacturing processes
10.30-11.00amCoffee break
11.00am-12.30pmAdvanced process control - local and integrated - Case study
12.30-1.30pmLunch break
1.30-3.00pmRegulatory status
3.00-3.15pmCoffee break
3.15-3.30pmCase studies
3.30-5.30pmTwo parallel demo's
5.30-6.00pmTake home of the day

Speakers Profiles will be uploaded soon

Academic, industry and regulatory experts

  • Dr. Martin Warman (Martin Warman Consultancy)
  • Ir. Jan Verelst (Siemens)
  • Dr. Sean Bermingham (PSE)
  • Prof. Thomas De Beer (Ghent University)
  • Prof. Chris Vervaet (Ghent University)
  • Prof. Ingmar Nopens (Ghent University)
  • Joel Aerts and Jake Deighton (GEA)
  • Multiple scientists with hands-on expertise

13th century building 'Het Pand', Ghent, Belgium

The venue ‘Het Pand’ is a former Dominican monastery which is located in the historical centre of the city, on the banks of the river Leie. The oldest parts of this impressive building date from the 13th century. During five centuries it was extended and refashioned in different styles. ‘Het Pand’ houses some valuable collections, such as the rich ethnographical and archaeological collections of the University, the Museum for the History of Medicine, full-size photographs of paintings of Bruegel and Early Dutch Masters, and an interesting collection of stained glass. Het Pand is located at Onderbergen, 1, in the immediate vicinity of ‘Sint-Michiels’- Church

Het Pand

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Sponsoring and exhibition

We offer the opportunity to become a sponsor and exhibit on Oct 11th and 12th (on Oct 13th, we move to another location). Booths will be located in the coffee break and lunch area. Complete information can be found in the sponsors guide. Contact us for sponsoring and exhibition opportunities at

Kloostergang Het Pand


Siemens, Glatt, Elscolab

Demo's and hands-on activities are organised entirely by UGent and will include:

  • Impact of material properties on the behaviour, performance and residence time of continuous manufacturing unit operations
  • PAT for process monitoring & control of a continuous manufacturing process based on twin-screw wet granulation (ConsiGma25)
  • Population balance modelling of twin-screw granulation (particle size and property modelling)

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