Advanced modelling for process optimisation, design and accelerated upscaling

Innovations for process industry

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Water and wastewater

Water wastewater CFD

Bioprocess technology

Fermentor CFD

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Pharma CFD

How we help you

Process optimisation

Process optimisation

Lowering operational costs, improving process performance and reliability, increasing product quality and yield, system screening and troubleshooting. learn more

Process design

Effective design and retrofitting

Design of novel reactor systems, checking if new equipment meets criteria, virtual testing of new designs, effective retrofitting learn more

Process upscaling

Accelerated upscaling

Saving upscaling cost and effort, lowering time to market. learn more

Our models closely match reality, drastically widening possibilities:

  • Processes are virtually simulated with high accuracy
  • Besides mixing phenomena, also process phenomena (e.g. reactions) become visualised
  • Different reactor configurations and operational settings can evaluated at fast pace prior to implementation
Combining process knowledge ((bio) chemical phenomena, gas/liquids/solids, ...) with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is our key to success. We are continuously developing new models to give you competitive advantage.
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