Advanced modelling services for process optimisation

We increase the profitability, performance and reliability of processes

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Water and wastewater

Water wastewater CFD

Bioprocess technology

Fermentor CFD

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Pharma CFD

Services for technology developers, process designers and process operators

Operational optimisation

Lowering operational costs, improving process performance and reliability, increasing product quality and yield, system screening and troubleshooting.

Improvement of flowsheet models

Turning standard 'tanks-in-series' models or 'perfectly mixed models' into more reliable, still simple models.

Effective upscaling and retrofitting

Keeping performance while upscaling, replacing expensive upscaling tests, making effective retrofit decisions.

Testing and designing new systems and reactors

Checking if new equipment meets criteria; virtual testing of new designs.

We help you making more effective decisions, with confidence.

We uniquely combine modelling expertise with process understanding which allows us to very effectively meet our customers needs. Modelling tools we use are:

  • Single (e.g. water) and multiphase (e.g. water and gas) computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • CFD combined with (Bio)chemical kinetics (gives valuable insights in many cases)
  • Population balance models (PBM) (e.g. calculations of bubble/particle/floc size distributions)

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