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Smartly assess and mitigate N2O emissions

Our award-winning CFD-N2O solution helps you to:

  • Reduce laborious N2O measurement campaigns to the utmost minimum
  • Reduce uncertainty of emission factors 
  • Virtually test and compare N2O mitigation strategies
  • Optimise effluent quality and plant efficiency at the same time

Our CFD-N2O solution is a globally unique solution that allows full 3D assessment of N2O under varying operational conditions. It acts like an 'x-ray' for your reactor.

Water Europe recognised this solution with the Water Europe Innovation Award 2022.

Want to learn how we can help assessing your N2O emissions fast and effectively?

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AM-Team’s CFD-N2O model helped us determining the most critical sampling locations and assessing the  impacts of various operational conditions (e.g., DO setpoints, mixer height, recirculation rates) on N2O emissions. The outcomes were impactful and the visual 3D insights provide our operators and plant engineers with tremendous value.

Dr. Rasha Maal-Bared, wastewater treatment specialist - Epcor Water

Experimental testing at full scale is time-consuming, expensive and might go wrong. AM-Team’s realistic 3D model of our 750,000 pe plant allowed for structured testing with more flexibility and less operational risks.

Dr. Stefan Weijers - Waterboard De Dommel

How can you benefit?

Significant time and cost-savings

The virtual model reduces expensive and time-consuming onsite testing. In a matter of a few weeks, full 3D N2O emissions can be assessed under various operational conditions. No onsite N2O data is needed.

Less uncertainty and more effective measurement campaigns

Extrapolation based on onsite measurements is extremely complex. We help you deciding where to measure and how to plan campaigns. We augment measurement data and accuracy of N2O assessment improves drastically based on unprecedented 3D insights.

Virtual mitigation strategy testing

Wihtout any onsite intervention, we virtually test various mitigation strategies. These 'what-if' tests are used to mitigate N2O without compromising effluent quality.

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Why choose for our CFD-N2O solution?

  • You are planning N2O measurement campaigns and want to acquire the insights that matter, fast
  • You want to augment data from past measurement campaigns
  • You want to obtain generic insights that allow reliable extrapolation and assessment
  • You want to determine which mitigation measures will work for your plant(s)

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Benefits of CFD biokinetic modelling simulation for N2O wastewater

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➡️ Effective quantification and mitigation of emissions by means of computer models

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