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Digital solutions for technology vendors

We help technology vendors achieving the following goals:

  • Accelerated R&D: we drastically cut time to market using powerful computer simulations

  • Competitive advantage: we make sure your technology works optimally, provide you with unique sales arguments and make your technology smart

  • New revenue streams: we develop the digital component of your technology enabling business model expansion

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We assist throughout the treatment technology lifecycle:

  • R&D of new technologies: we cut time to market and accelerate scale-up and design of novel technologies

  • Commercial stage: we use models to help you demonstrating the effectiveness of your technology in front of your customers

  • Design / retrofit stage: we help you with optimal process design

  • Operational stage: our digital modeling solutions make your technologies smart

Technology vendors who trusted our solutions

Working together with us as a team, with frequent intermediate consulting, discussions, re-evaluating possibilities, and adding or removing scenarios, is a unique and much-appreciated service "offering". We felt like being part of the service rather than being provided with a service.

Stijn Wyffels, Technology Director - Waterleau

We used the 2-phase CFD results to improve our reactor design. It lowered costs and improved general sustainability of the process by saving brine and increasing process water yield.

Ir. Martin Pot - Evides industriewater


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