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The direct integration of chemical or biological kinetics in CFD is the most powerful and accurate engineering tool on the market. AM-Team is the only company worldwide offering this as a very accessible service. You literally see conversion rates and system performance in 3D, allowing for extremely effective troubleshooting, design and scale-up.

On a routine basis (i.e. projects finish within 2-4 weeks),we simulate:

  • Chemical and physical/chemical unit processes (e.g. oxidation)
  • Biological unit processes (e.g. biokinetics)

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The benefits of CFD-kinetic simulation

How it works for process optimisation, design and scale-up

The impact of the following operational and reactor settings on (bio)chemical conversions can be assessed virtually:

  • Operational settings
  • Flow rates of liquid and gas
  • Operational cycle times
  • Gas properties and bubble sizes
  • Viscosity
  • Concentrations of solutes and chemicals
  • Reaction properties
  • Temperature
  • Reactor settings
  • Positioning of critical reactor parts (e.g. baffle, aerators, …)
  • Impeller type and speed
  • Inlet, outlet configuration
  • ...

We used the 2-phase CFD results to improve our reactor design. It lowered costs and improved general sustainability of the process by saving brine and increasing process water yield.

Ir. Martin Pot - Evides industriewater

It saves time, effort and cost overall. The time to set up a trial, run it and have meaningful data can take a lot of effort.

Clemence Carlinet - Watercare

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