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3D CFD-based design of novel A-stage process (AAA-settler)

A-stageSettlingPrimary treatment

This is the latest A-stage innovation in the wastewater field. We helped our client Dr. Bernhard Wett (aka inventor of 'DEMON') with virtual 3D design of this novel 'AAA settler'. You cannot build 10 real test installations. BUT you can build and run them virtually, very realistically, orders of magnitudes faster and less costly using advanced CFD modelling. Piloting and testing is expensive. It should be properly used. It should not be used to learn hydrodynamic aspects a realistic 3D model can teach you much faster, more efficiently and thoroughly.

We tested:

  • Different inlet configurations (changed the piping virtually)

  • Different outlet configurations (outlet structure)

Images were taken at Alta Badia, Italy.


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