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Process and drinking water and water reuse

Big topics in water treatment are quality, risk and reliability. Secondary goals are energy and cost saving. We use our unique process models to optimise, design and scale up water treatment processes. During ‘what-if scenario’ testing on the computer, we vary the operational and design parameters of your choice. No on-site measurements or intervention is needed. As demonstrated below, we have experience with a wide array of water treatment processes at different scales.

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A water treatment plant with pellet softeners and storage basin and CFD simulations

Examples of processes we have experience with

Treatment processes

Water storage and distribution

AM-Team was able to deliver project results fast, based on an excellent approach and in-depth expertise.

ir. Jantinus Bruins, senior technologist - WLN/WBG

We used the 2-phase CFD results to improve our reactor design. It lowered costs and improved general sustainability of the process by saving brine and increasing process water yield.

Ir. Martin Pot - Evides industriewater


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