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Boost your ozonation process testing, design and operation

The revolutionary, award-winning AMOZONE simulation tool helps you to:

  • Cut costs
  • Reduce time 
  • Improve your operations

AMOZONE is the world's first engineering simulation model for ozonation and advanced oxidation, built in the simulation platform Sumo. 

Water Europe recognised the AMOZONE technology with a Digital Water Innovation Award.

Want to learn how AMOZONE boosts your ozonation process performance?

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Digital Water Award for AMOZONE ozonation solution

How can you benefit?

Significant time and cost-savings

The virtual model replaces expensive and time-consuming onsite piloting, leading to cost savings of hundreds of thousands of euros and time savings of over a year.

Unprecedented insights

Take the right decisions based on virtual tests that are impossible to conduct in reality. This way, you can get more visibility on elements like ozone residual, bromate, target contaminants and hydroxyl radicals.


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Real-time monitoring

Monitor your operations with a digital twin to keep track of critical variables you can't measure in real-time.

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Why choose for our AMOZONE solution?

  • You are assessing ozonation or AOPs and want to avoid costly and time taking onsite piloting
  • You want to design an efficient and effective ozonation plant
  • You want to smartly operate your plant, saving OpEx and maximising performance
  • You want to accelerate training of staff involved

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Select the right ozone technology with virtual piloting

Onsite ozone piloting typically costs between 150 and 400k EUR and takes 1 year or more. Did you know that you can reduce piloting costs by 90% by replacing your on-site testing with virtual piloting?

Watch the video to discover the benefits of virtual piloting for ozonation.


How water authority De Dommel benefited 

We saved over a year in time and more than 100,000 EUR of piloting efforts thanks to our AMOZONE simulation project with AM-Team.

The full-scale virtual pilot installation enabled water authority De Dommel (the Netherlands) to evaluate micropollutant removal, bromate formation, and costs in only six weeks for three different plants.

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Want to learn more?

Watch the full webinar recording to learn more about: 

  • The core reaction fundamentals you need to know as a practitioner
  • The challenges with piloting, design and operation of an ozonation plant, supported by real case studies
  • How computer simulation can replace on-site testing
  • The risk of bromate formation and how to mitigate it
  • Real-time prediction of micropollutant removal
  • Live demos with the process simulation model AMOZONE

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Join our upcoming Amozone webinar


Join us on Wednesday 24 May to discover more about:


➡️ A summary of practitioner’s challenges that come with ozonation for micropollutant removal

➡️ Numerous case examples showing how years of ‘real piloting’ was replaced by weeks of ‘virtual piloting’ using the computer model AMOZONE
➡️ Unprecedented insights on the next generation reactor and system design, tailored to secondary effluent

➡️ Live demos with digital twins of ozonation plants, predicting variables that cannot be measured onsite


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